I don’t like the word “talented”. Whenever possible, I try to use “skilled” instead.

Artists are often described as being talented as a compliment. Of course, the complimenter isn’t being malicious, but little do they know that “talented” can come off differently to the person.

Talent means natural ability, like you were born with it.

On the other hand, skill means an ability gained through practice or experience.

Artists weren’t born knowing how to paint, produce music, or dance. Their ability comes from putting in effort and time.

To describe an artist as talented is to downplay their efforts and hard work. This extends to other professions or trades too. I wouldn’t like to be described as a “talented” developer. I wasn’t born knowing how to code! My skills are the culmination of using computers for tens of thousands of hours.

Anyways, use the word “skilled”!

This post was inspired by this YouTube video.