I’m writing to hold myself accountable for achieving or sticking to this dream.

I want to live a sustainable life and treat our Earth with kindness.

I want to work somewhere with good coworkers so I can overcome any task thrown at me.

I want to live in a 15-minute city and be able to walk, bike, or take transport to work. I hope the dress code is relaxed enough that I can get away with a clean white T-shirt.

I want to keep up my current fitness routine of working out daily. I particularly want to improve my running. Maybe I’ll do a marathon. (BTW I don’t go 100% daily; I just try to do something active.)

I want to go to lots of concerts. Hopefully, I won’t lose my hearing. I’ve already started doing this in 2023, and I’ve got a lot of tickets for 2024.

I want to go on a solo trip to Japan. I’m pretty certain I can do this in February 2024. I want to go to the ocean and listen to this song. 🌠 Dream realized in Feb 2024!

I want to visit Newfoundland because my best friend grew up there and tells me it’s great. I want to see the stunning coastlines.

I want to keep playing video games and having fun with my friends.

I want to meet a pretty girl with a cool or weird fashion style. We’ll be friends and then maybe become friends++.

I want to live life slowly. I hate the phrase “spend time” because it treats time as money.

(I might update this as I think more about my dream.)