## Falling in love with the indie web <3

  • The indie web is really cool.
  • I’ve been web surfing on Neocities and checking out people’s cool websites.
  • In a world where the web is becoming more corporate, sterile, and boring, netizens are getting tired of it and are making their own websites to express themselves.
    • I really vibe with this philosophy. I love the personality and individuality people can show using their website. It’s not just cool but fun to browse the web again.
  • Now that I think about it, when was the last time I had fun on Instagram?
  • This has inspired me to make my website more personal and fun. I originally made this site to show off to employers, but now that will change. I’m gonna make this my digital home.

## 2000s nostalgia

I’m a 2000’s kid. I started using the internet in 2011, the tail end of what many consider the “old” web. I watched YouTube poop and played Flash games. If you’re also of my generation, this story likely sounds similar to your own.

Those of us who grew up in this time are becoming adults and are experiencing nostalgia for it. Nostalgia topics include video games, music, fashion, internet culture, and retro technology. I’ve particularly enjoyed listening to music genres like breakcore, jungle, drum and bass, and UK garage, all of which have that “2000s” sound.

## Sounds like you were born in the wrong generation

No, I don’t hold that belief. I don’t want to go back in time, either. Nothing lasts forever. We can only control the present and, thus, the future, so let’s take the best parts of the past and bring them here.